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Educoaching provides wrap-around assistance to students with attentional, motivational, or learning challenges by educators gifted and trained to work with exceptional children and adolescents. The educoach is supervised by Dr. Perri Johnson, author of Cognitive Styles of Learning Disabled Children (Dissertation). Principles of learning theory, coaching theory, organization, special education, behavior management, and advocacy are applied to tutor and help students better understand academic material, study for tests, complete assignments, and to improve overall academic standing,. Special accommodations, IEPs, and psychological testing data may also be included to help students attain optimal success. The educoach provides strong emotional support.

Educoaching is available as a fee for service purchase, as it is not covered by insurance.  Individual sessions are $50/hr. Group of 4 sessions are $25/hr. Educoaching services are available 7 days a week